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Our Mission is to give back to the Running community by offering affordable, memorable running camps in Kenya for everyone to enjoy, with this we are able to give back to the Kenyan community also by helping Kenyan athletes achieve their full potential, helping in local schools and hospitals as well as provide jobs locally to Kenyan families who need it most! We are proud of our mission and we hope you too can hep us along the way.

John Starret
John StarretHead Coach
John is one of the main Elite Coaches out in Kenya, he coaches some of the best athletes in Iten who are targeting Tokyo 2020.
Nathan Flear
Nathan FlearCoach & Athlete
Nathan is an Elite International Athlete and qualified coach, He coaches and trains out in Kenya from November through February.
Tori Robinson
Tori RobinsonThe Boss!
Tori is THE BOSS! The glue that holds it all together, The brains behind the ideas and the Goddess of Kenyan Running Camps. She is the smile that welcomes you and the hugs that bid you farewell!

The Arete Athletes.

Based in Iten, Kenya, the Arete Athletes are part of a profession Running Team whose training is funded by the Arete Scholarship Program- Their Mission is to help young Kenyan athletes fulfil their athletic and personal potential via individualised, top-quality coaching, access to a robust running community, opportunities to race abroad, and improved living conditions.


Robert Nicodemus

Nicodemus was selected to represent Kenya in the Steeplechase in 2017, his goal is to become a world class marathon runner.

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Richard Lagat

Richard is a top class Marathon Runner here in Iten, Kenya and is aiming to win the Berlin Marathon 2019.

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Lydia Jepleting

Lydia is the newest edition to the Arete squad and is aiming at……………………………….

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